yuba county republican central committee

Appointee Requirements

To join the Yuba County Republican Central Committee, applicants must meet the following criteria:

-Must be 18+ years of age

-Must be registered to vote with a Republican Party Preference

-Must be a California and Yuba County citizen

-Must have general knowledge of Local, State, and Federal Government

-Should be familiar with Robert's Rules of Order / Parliamentary Meetings

-Should be willing to contribute between 4-20 hours of labor per month

-Submit an application to join

-Submit proof of registration status

The Yuba County Republican Party has 25 seats on its central committee. Each county district has 5 seats. Opportunities to join the board may be competitive.

Other ways to contribute

Joining the Central Committee is a large commitment and we understand that it is not for everybody. This is why we've developed a variety of ways for you to contribute at your own convenience!

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application Files

Central Committee Application (pdf)